Smile Group sponsors 2 beehives


Advice from beekeeping experts at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations underscores the crucial importance of bees in global food production: they account for a third of it. However, these precious insects are currently threatened by factors such as global warming, air pollution and pesticides, as evidenced by the sadly record-breaking year of 2022, during which unprecedented losses were reported by the ESA.

Sponsoring beehives is a concrete action in favor of biodiversity and the environment, helping to protect large numbers of bees. In 2022, the Smile Group decided to sponsor a beehive, thereby making a commitment to biological diversity. In 2023, it decided to reinforce its commitment by supporting a second beehive. This partnership will enable the Group to protect a total of 100,000 bees.

Smile Group is delighted to be working with Les Ruchers de Mathieu on this noble cause. Mathieu Domecq, a beekeeper since the age of 12, set up Les Ruchers de Mathieu in 2015, aged just 14. This feat makes this operator one of the youngest entrepreneurs in France. He looks after the well-being of his hives located in the Tarn (81), in the Occitanie region, with remarkable expertise, offering bee-derived products and beekeeping equipment. Thanks to his work, over 2 million bees have been preserved.

By participating in the protection of these two hives, Smile Group gains access each year to products made directly by the bees, such as honey jars and soaps made directly from the work of the bees.

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