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Composable digital architecture: Smile, the European leader in open-source digital technologies, is partnering with Strapi, a CMS vendor, to offer clients digital solutions that are more flexible, more agile and better suited to their ecosystems. 

Smile, the European leader in open-source digital technologies, and Strapi, the vendor that develops the open-source content management solution of the same name, announce the establishment of a new partnership. Both companies share the same vision of open-source solutions and want to give their clients the benefit of synergies revolving around new practices, based on the use of internal and external components to create a best of breed.
This partnership is the result of two years of work on formative projects involving the Strapi solution, notably for clients in the energy and media sectors in France and the rest of Europe. “We believe that Strapi is in a choice position to respond to our clients’ challenges, especially in connection with composable architecture (digital architecture whose design model allows for the addition of components that can be reused based on functional needs),” says Guillaume Lanthier, Strapi’s Application Modernization Manager.
Strapi is a particularly flexible, scalable and user-friendly open-source content management system that lets developers create and generate APIs (application programming interfaces) on the fly. It is also compatible with all kinds of clouds, databases and front-end frameworks, making it a popular choice with the community of French and international developers. “Strapi has a sizable community that is driven by open-source values. This is an essential point for our clients and a solid promise of longevity.”

Ramping up in 2023
Combining Smile’s skills in developing custom solutions with the flexibility afforded by Strapi seems like the obvious choice at a time when companies are looking for content management systems that are more closely aligned with their specific needs. “Our clients’ information systems are getting more and more vertical, with specialized blocks for each issue. Strapi fits neatly into these ecosystems, giving our clients the benefit of a completely seamless user experience while simplifying the contribution process for users in the back office,” Guillaume Lanthier explains. 
“We are thrilled to be partnering with Smile, so developers can create better digital applications, faster,” notes Pierre Burgy, Co-Founder and CEO of Strapi. “Smile was built on a similar backbone to us, based on open-source technology, and we are delighted to have formalized a partnership that will let more companies modernize their architecture and ramp up their content distribution on multiple communication channels: websites, web and mobile applications, and connected objects.” 
About the Smile Group
For the past 30 years, we have been assisting clients with bold, innovative open-source digital projects covering the full scope of IT in the business world: digital experience, e-business, mobile apps, functional solutions, embedded systems, IoT, infrastructure and cloud solutions. We work on creative digital solutions with complete flexibility, and our 2,000 open-source enthusiasts support and create digital projects for our clients in Europe and around the world. Our strength lies in the combination of expert brands that we can put to work for you: Smile, Neopixl, SensioLabs, UX-Republic, Alter Way, Synotis and creativestyle. We are Smile, the European leader in digital and open-source technologies. 
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About Strapi
Strapi is the leader in open-source, headless content management systems (CMSs). It is 100% written in JavaScript / TypeScript, fully personalizable and made specifically for developers. Strapi lets developers design projects faster, by providing a personalizable, ready-to-go API and by giving them the freedom to use their other favorite tools. Contribution teams use Strapi to independently manage all kinds of content and distribute it via any channel, including websites, mobile apps and connected devices. The company, which has made remote work options a priority, has employees located in more than 10 countries and is expanding its team on a global scale.

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