Buildroot Developer Days : the 2023 edition hosted by Smile


Smile is pleased to welcome to its premises the Buildroot Developer Day 2023 which takes place on 6, 7 and 8 February the Smile premises in Brussels.

What is Buildroot Developer Day?

The Buildroot developer day is a meeting organized by the Buildroot community. It is aimed at developers and contributors. This event combines discussions and hacking sessions around the Buildroot project. For ten years now, Buildroot Developer Days have been held twice a year: after FOSDEM (February) and the Embedded Linux Conference (October/ November).

The main objective of this event is to respond to as many contributors as possible and to integrate as many patches as possible. To do this, this meeting usually begins with a first discussion session and is followed by a group reflection on one or more complex topics.

The efficiency of the Buildroot dev days is measured by the number of patches remaining in the patchwork tool, but also the age of the last patch in this list.


A 2023 edition at Smile Brussels

This year, Smile is pleased to host the Buildroot meeting in Brussels, after 10 years of invitation at Google. 

Besides the general meeting and the review of the patch backlog, the Buildroot Developer Day 2023 will be an opportunity to work on various technical points (Enabling Rust support in the Linux kernel, handling the issue of the recent change of the archive format on Github, Enabling the  _TIME_BITS=64 flag to bypass bug 2038).

Smile teams are particularly proud to host this event of reference, with international scope.


Smile & Buildroot: a long-standing partnership 

For several years now, Smile has been a sponsor and accompanies its customers by offering technical support or expertise.

In addition, our Smilians include many contributors to the Buildroot community. 

Romain NAOUR (1380 contributions since 2013), Corentin GUILLEVICValentin KORENBLIT (Stage 2018), Jeremy ROSEN (systemd, bash-completion), Gerome BURLATS (Qemu defconfig), Jugurtha BELKALEM (gitlab-ci runtime testing), Alexandre PAYEN, Damien DUVAL, Maxime MADAUArthur COURTELLouis RANNOU, Mikael BOURHIS-CLOAREC, David PIERRETDavid HENGNicolas TRAN.

The year 2023 thus begins under the sign of collaboration and sharing, essential values carried by Smile.


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