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Atomic Research or how to get the best out of your user data?

How can you get the most out of your user knowledge if it is scattered? Often hosted on the only tools available in each department, it is impossible to cross-reference them. Worse, your teams may be conducting similar studies and may be making the same mistakes, which could be avoided if the lessons learned by some were shared with others.

Atomic Research is an approach directly inspired by Atomic Design to industrialize and make the most of the information you already have by sharing and pooling it across your organization and all your digital products.

Some of the many benefits of this method:
- Data is no longer scattered,
- Your data is no longer forgotten,
- You save time on your user research and only look for missing links,
- The results of user studies are shared.

You will be able to learn more about this innovative method that will save you time. Leading players in the banking, insurance and retail sectors will share their feedback and we will have the chance to discuss with Daniel Pidcock who helped theorize and industrialize this method.

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Time 14h00