Smile will give a conference at the forthcoming Drupagora

The - Paris

Do not miss the Smile conference at Drupagora 2017 which will be held in Paris on 30 June.

Drupagora is the leading French language event on the subject of Drupal devoted to project managers and IT Directors with more than 350 professionals expected.


For the occasion, Vincent Maucorps, Business Line Manager Web with Smile, will give a conference at 3.45 pm: “Tout savoir sur les usines a sites avec Drupal 8” (All about multi-site factories with Drupal 8”).

Very active in the evangelisation of open source, in particular, Vincent is the author of the Smile White Book “Content management”, a professor at EPITA and secretary of the association Drupal France & Francophonie.


All about multi-site factories with Drupal 8

A few months before the release of Drupal 8, we launched an R&D strategy within the Smile group aimed at anticipating our multi-site factory customers’ needs. We shared the Drupal Webfactory module with the community from March 2015.

From a monolithic approach including the instantiation of new sites on the fly and content sharing to a multi-module vision based on Aegir, Deploy and our Entity Share module, we will take a look at the feedback which has helped our approach to progress over the past two years.

Find all the information on the Drupagora 2017 official website.

To remember

UPMC – 4 place Jussieu – 75005 Paris, Paris
Time 04h00