Smile and Magento partners of What's Going On Retailing?!

The - Media Plaza Utrecht Salon

On 31 May, only one chance to be fully informed with the latest ins & outs of retailing, it's WGOIR, the leading retail event and it will be in Media Plaza Utrecht! With more than 50 speakers from the entire industry, you will have the greatest insight on central themes, such as customer experience, digital marketing, e-Commerce and many more. And guess what? Smile is partner of the event with Magento! What are you waiting to participate?


What's Going On Retailing?! (WGOIR?!) is the leading retail event in the Benelux. It will start on 31 May 2018 in Media Plaza Utrecht and you do not want to miss it!

Why, you would say?

  • 50 top speakers from the industry (from the Fashion, Food, Non-food, Living, DIY, Travel and Personal Care sector)
  • Meet your C-level retail peers
  • Central themes are Customer Experience & Engagement, Digital Marketing Strategy and Data, Omnichannel, Customer Journey, e-Commerce and Instore at both online and offline retailers
  • Be fully informed in 1 day with the latest ins & outs of Retailing

And you know what? Smile and Magento are partners of the event! We will also hold a conference with Egbert Hietberg (Commercial Director, 50Five) and Florent Sabourin (Managing Director, Smile Netherlands). Here is the main theme of our conference:

  • Smart devices delivered in Europe by 50five, the engie e-Commerce company
    • Smart Devices and IoT are entering homes
    • 50Five international expansion challenges
    • Magento Commerce Cloud supporting 50five core business

We will be waiting for you and if you want a free ticket, you can just contact us right here: CONTACT US!

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For more information, visit WGOIR website

To remember

Croeselaan 6 3521 CA Utrecht, Media Plaza Utrecht
Time 09h25
Koen Van Houtum (