Drupal Europe: Smile Gold Sponsor!

The - Darmstadtium - Science and Congress Center Salon

The biggest European Drupal event: Drupal Europe will be held in Darmstadt Germany, from the  10th to the 14th September 2018. Bringing together more than 1600 attendees with shared interests in great digital experiences, it is an event not to be missed!


Here are a list of a reasons of why you should attend the biggest European Drupal event: 

  • More than 1600 attendes ready to solve challenges together
  • Conference that put an emphasis on contribution
  • Real life case studies and success stories alongside emerging new best practices
  • Workshops throughout the week provide hands-on opportunities to broaden your knowledge
  • Some prestigious sponsors: Acquia, Google, RedHat, platform.sh, Smile ...

Come to the event and meet us in our booth, we have few suprises in store!

Learn more about the program, see the event's website here: Drupal Europe 

Discover all of our contributions to Drupal here https://www.drupal.org/smile

To remember

Schloßgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany, Darmstadtium - Science and Congress Center
Time 09h00