OpenShift, the new Smile white paper !


Smile is publishing a white paper today focussing on OpenShift, the DevOps-oriented PaaS open source. Download it now!

Download the white paper free of charge !


OpenShift is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution published by Red Hat to build, deploy and operate your digital applications in containers.

Containerisation has now become a core IT line of business. It is central to DevOps approaches and helps improve the quality of developers’ work with an approach that’s very close to production. An effective PaaS can cut back on deployment footprint in terms of actions as well as effectively testing a pre-production version, and much more. OpenShift provides a batch of powerful tools and an accessible interface, making a perfect solution to industrialize deployment!


"OpenShift is a reliable, well-adapted tool, which can very quickly become the key asset to your DevOps approach. Our experiences, in-house use and solutions via OpenShift satisfy us more every day. The tool is well-supplied, stable, intelligent and much appreciated among our staff. This is why we are sharing everything that you need to know about this PaaS solution in this white paper," explained Patrice Ferlet, Technical Expert at Smile and author of the white paper.

Our thanks to Laurent Broudoux from Red Hat for answering our questions.


Download the white paper free of charge !