Award-winning Smilers at the Hackathon Carrefour !


Our team inlcuding several Smilers won the Code and Incubation Awards at the Hackathon Carrefour, organised this week-end in Paris!

From 19 to 21 May, Carrefour held its 2nd Hackathon called Tech 2 Grow. The participants had 48 hours to develop a project to either bring local stakeholders together or enhance the customer experience.

Our 5-strong team including three Smilers decided to focus on the second theme, developing the "Assistant In Store" project. This project aims to help visually-impaired, customers shop with safety by themselves in a superstore.

Assistant In Store thus provides guidance using Bluetooth waypoints to geolocate the person in the store and help them find the items on their shopping list.

Our participants went on to imagine the development of a "videophoning" system, whereby visually-impaired customers share a video to show where they are, and a connected staff member can then help the user find the products they need.

The jury preferred Assistant In Store over the other 22 projects and gave the Code Award to our team, acknowledging the code’s quality and functionality!

Carrefour also selected our team for a 6-week incubator programme, to support the development of the Assistant In Store.

Well done Nizar Abak-Kali, Kévin Bastamante, Geoffrey Le Gourrierec, Antonin Peyroles and Charles Salvestroni!

See all the information on the Hackathon Tech 2 Grow on the official event website.

Nizar Abak-Kali and Geoffrey Le Gourrierec, developers in the Smile ECS team