Free PIM consulting sessions in Smile Netherlands

The - Utrecht, Netherlands

You wish to increase your marketing team productivity regarding product content and update your products on your website on a daily basis. Register for free for a consulting sessions with our experts from Smile Netherlands to organise your catalogue with Akeneo PIM.



Why Akeneo PIM ?

Because this Open Source PIM is trusted by more than 200 enterprise customers and it has been installed 48,000 times by community members. You are still wondering why you should meet our experts for a consulting session? Here are some of the main benefits to switch to Akeneo PIM

For marketing managers:

  • Increase your marketing team productivity regarding product content
  • Tell the full story about your products and never miss a chance to tell the great story about your product
  • Start selling sooner and everywhere



For ecommerce managers:

  • Increase SEO
  • Better conversion rate
  • Lower return rate and support request
  • Provide high quality product feeds

Last but not least, the benefits for your company:

  • Freedom over your data
  • Increase loyalty
  • Stronger branding

Still hesitating ? Just register for a demo day with our teams, they will show you how powerful Akeneo PIM can be!

Next session : 10th December in Utrecht!

To remember

Leidseveer 2-10, 3511 SB UTRECHT, Utrecht, Netherlands
Time 09h00